G'day, I'm Colin Russell Baker and this is Kingdom Gates.

In 1991, my wife, Gotha, and I moved to family country on the north-eastern tip of Elcho Island ...to a place called Gawa. When we arrived, there was an old well, which we re-dug. There was no road, no houses, no school, no power supply, but we did have 46 very enthusiastic kids with us, and some older family members. My wife has always been a very keen teacher, and I have always been a pioneer at heart. The first four years, we lived on the beach in the shelter of a sand dune. That was a long time ago now. Governments and Cyclones have come and gone, but we're still here. God is so good!

In 2003, we partnered with the Northern Territory Christian Schools Association to set up the first Independent Christian School in an Aboriginal Homeland in the Northern Territory. The Lord has blessed this project immensely by opening the hearts and minds of his people from all over Australia to come and help with this work. I do enjoy showing our volunteers, staff and visitors around and treating them to some of the local sea-food.

We have always met informally for worship and Christian fellowship. We do not consciously affiliate with any particular denomination, but we are very conscious of our affiliation with all who love the Lord Jesus.

As for myself, I have chosen to work without any 'Christian Title' or earthly authority. This makes the going seem a bit slow at times, but the prize is potentially much greater ...There's a chance of being instrumental in gaining for our Lord that which his heart is really set upon ...just a chance.

This year with the completion of our new airstrip, we have begun to partner with MAF to reach out to family in other homelands.

If you would like to help with the Kingdom gates Project, the best way to do this is to e-mail copies of your favorite Kingdom Gates Magazine articles to your friends.

With love and blessings, Colin Russell Baker
Kingdom Gates


Kingdom Gates Colin Russell Baker

Published in Australia
from the Other Eyes Online Series
Colin Russell Baker - Kingdom Gates

The world we are walking around in is made up of pictures of those things which are original and spirit and reality. Everything in all of creation, was modelled on those things which existed before creation. And even though they have fallen from that perfect image, the pattern, the reality, can still be seen by those who have eyes to see beyond the picture.

I know a place in the bush, where sunlight streams through the tree-tops in the morning light, and the air is so still and clear that you can see the vapour of it tinting the grey-shaded stringy-bark trunks with the blue mist of eucalypt descending from the canopy above ... A place where birds of many kinds come for no other purpose but to sing for the sheer joy of life; an expression of praise to the Spirit of the Eternal Father ... And where flowers glory in the morning light, every speck and dash of colour, both brilliant and hued, displaying the clarion holiness of the sanctuary of worship.

This place is a picture. Come with me and together we shall walk into the picture and sit down right in the heart of this little clearing of sandy earth. Can you find somewhere deep inside of you, something forgotten, something that knows a harmony with what is here?

Come with me inside that harmony, and together we shall move in Spirit;  through an entrance-way, and go beyond the picture in which we sit. Close your eyes and feel the presence of God the Father ... the Eternal One. The praise and the stillness are both directed towards Him. In harmony with this flow, we move in Spirit ...

We have entered His realm. He fills this realm eternal ... And our
presence is in Him. He knows we are here, watching, but He sees not us, for there is One here who has totally captivated the focus of the Father's attention ... Great waves of love and life and light, flow unceasingly from the depths of the Father to the Son. The Son receives into His being, with a desire we have not yet known, this flood of passion emanating from the Father ... and ... is it a response, or, is it without provocation, this timeless devotion coming from our Lord and satisfying the desire of the Father?

My friend, have you ever felt a whisper of such peace? ...such glory?
The tide ebbs for but a moment in eternity, then flows full and strong from the Father ... a boundless ocean of love ... sweeping all things into the Son ... We also are caught up in this mighty current. We are being carried through realms eternal, swept irresistibly onward in this mighty tide of the Father's love ... towards the Son. Do you see Him my friend? He is looking at us! Look into His eyes and see beyond the pure Heavenly hue, the kind intent of our Lord's desire. How can it be ... that we should become the objects of such holy desire? He is desiring us! ... Drawing us into Himself! All that was is passed away and all things have become new. We have been ... desired! ... Chosen ... by Him! How can anything ever be the same again?! We are entering into Christ!

Great stirrings of Spirit are rising all around us in the Son as realms mingle ... Father in Son and Son in Father. And desire must surely abate ... but no ... it rises anew, with a focus towards something, something unseen, something hoped for, something very distant, yet, by eternal standards, very near. Could it be that there is yet to be another ... drawn into this eternal union? ... that another should be found in harmony; able to match the holiness of this desire? It seems beyond all imagination.

The stirrings settle and the Spirit calms around us as we feel a sense of
peace ... of agreement ... and, in the stillness, there is a sense of covenant. Unshakeable stillness; unshakeable covenant ... But, what is this? Is it my imagination, or, is the light fading? How can it be? How can a darkness enter here? Do you sense what's happening my friend? It ... It is the Presence ... departing! The Father of Light; He ... withdraws! We sink!!! How can it be? In Christ, we sink ... into the deepest darkness where the presence of the Father is not! What depth of anguish engulfs our Lord! We must not consider the void! Do not look on the darkness my friend! Close your eyes and see only the covenant! ... Or we shall surely perish in this bottomless pit! Oh what pitiful sound is this which echoes out across realms eternal? It is coming from within ... within my Lord. My face is wet with tears and my heart throbs with His anguish as we wait in the depths of utter desolation ... for the Father's response ... wherever He might be. Surely ... Surely
He will hear this cry.

Our Lord; He turns. In the darkness He turns, and grasps something ... something solid. It is a chord ... a chord of seven strands! It is the Spirit of the Father in anguish for the Son! They harmonise; they meet; they connect! ... And we, in Christ, are drawn up! And oh what glory they share; desire fulfilled; covenant kept. Light has triumphed over darkness!

By Colin Russell Baker © 2007 All rights reserved
Kingdom Gates


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